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Sunday, February 5, 2012

TravelSECURE - The New Australian Government's new travel security website


Welcome to the Australian Government's new travel security website, which provides information on the security measures in place at Australian airports. Its purpose is to help travellers prepare for their journey and clear the security checks at the airport quickly and easily. While air travel is the inital focus of this site, future versions will also include information on travel by sea.

Thought I would share with my fellow Australians the above link that I had come across this evening whilst I was researching for my one of my Assessments.  This is from the Australian Government's Department Of Infrastructure and Transport website.

Disclaimer:  I accept no responsibility or liability of any loss to any incorrect or outdated informatin some of these websites may contain.  The most accurate up to date information at the time known to me is inserted in these pages.  It is the responsibility of the individual to do their own research in their own time.  This is just a guide to assist people in giving them as much information as I possibly can to assist them in preparing for a trip around Australia or overseas in a secure environment.  My views and opinions and experiences will not exactly reflect other peoples' views and opinions and experiences.

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