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Australia - All the specific travel information you need to know

To be continued...(last update Wed, 08 Jun 11)

Now welcome to my second home Australia and this time I have heaps of information to give you on Australia.  Please ensure you read up on our Quarantine laws and Drug Trafficking, etc...

About the country - you have all these links to choose from

The current serving Prime Minister of Australia in 2011

Australia - CIA - The World Factbook

Australia - Country Information - Department Of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Australian Government website in regards to Australia - Entry point for all Australian Commowealth Government authorised information and services...

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Australian Quarantine And Inspection Serice - DAFF

Australian Taxation Office Home Page

Australia - The Australian  Government's travel advisory and consular assistance service

Australia Facts

Travel and Tourism Information on Australia and for Australians preparing to travel overseas

Australia Travel Guide - Australia Blog

National Geographic - Australia Guide

TravelSECURE -
Welcome to the Australian Government's new travel security website, which provides information on the security measures in place at Australian airports. Its purpose is to help travellers prepare for their journey and clear the security checks at the airport quickly and easily. While air travel is the inital focus of this site, future versions will also include information on travel by sea.

QANTAS Travelinsider - For those in the know

Youth Hostel Accommodation - Australia

Medical and Dental for the overseas visitors

Travelling Overseas or to Australia - Australia's Reciporal Health Care Agreements with other countries

The Travel Doctor - TMVC, travel health, vaccinatins, travel clinics, travel clinics Australia\

Dr Deb - The Travel Doctor - Brisbane

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