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Northern Territory (NT), Australia Tribute Page

Buley Rockhole, Litchfield National Park
To be continued (Last updated Sunday, 19 June 11)

Well finally I get to say goodbye to the NT after living here for 8 years in June 2011 this year.  If I had seen all that I wanted to see in the NT, the answer is no, but I will be back with my future children and their father (if he stays with me.)

I worked and lived in Darwin and Alice Springs and short times in Katherine and Gove during my time here in the NT.  I have documented my experiences in my first blog still needs to be updated.  (Need to insert the link in here.)

Otherwise I hope the following websites I have inserted for your perusal comes in handy for you too.  Especially those of you who are visiting the Northern Territory for the first time.

Northern Territory Government Official Website - Everything you need to know about the Northern Territory

Multi Cultural Council Of The Northern Territory - The Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory is the peak community advocacy body in the Northern Territory representing the interests, concerns and aspirations of people of Non English Speaking Background

Greek Glenti 2011
Parap Markets every Saturday 7am - 2pm
Tourism NT Corporate Site

Tourism Top End - The official Tourism information provider of the Northern Territory

What is Tourism Accreditation Australia Ltd? - Tourism accreditation is a process designed to establish and to continually improve business standards for conducting tourism businesses. It aims to assist every tourism business to improve the way it operates. Thus, accreditation provides consumers and the industry with an assurance that a tourism operator is committed to quality business practices and professionalism in all aspects of the enterprise

 Australian Automobile Association in regards to Touring - There are heaps of driving to do in the Northern Territory, if you are new to driving in Australia either as a domestic traveller or international traveller, than be sure to read some specific information from the Australian Automobile Association then.

Introducing Kakadu National Park - Australia's largest National Park and World Heritage Listed

 Kakadu National Park - Traditional Owners Tourism Welcome Website

Australian Government Department of Sustainability,Environment, Water. Population and Communities - information on Kakadu National Park

Other information

Otherwise my other Page link Australian Domestic Travellers Page should be able to assist you in regards to Australian Domestic Travel if you need to enquire about domestic travel in Australia.

More to be added later...

Disclaimer:  I accept no responsibility or liability of any loss to any incorrect or out dated information some of these websites may contain.  The most accurate up to date information at the time known to me is inserted in these pages.  It is the responsibility of the individual to do their own research in their own time.  This is just a guide to assist people in giving them as much information as I possibly can to assist them in preparing for a trip to the Northern Territory,Australia or wanting to learn about the Northern Territory,Australia.  My views and opinions and experiences will not exactly reflect other peoples' views and opinions and experiences.

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