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I am of Melanesian/Polynesian/Asian descent born in Lae, Papua New Guinea at ANGAU Memorial Hospital.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) - All the specific travel information you need to know

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For those of you who have never been to Papua New Guinea or are wondering "Where the hell is Papua New Guinea?" well god bless your little cotton socks.  I have decided to provide you with some of my favourite websites and some I have never seen before for you to peruse through. 

For those of you who definately want to travel ensure you take out Travel Insurance and research a bit about the country before you travel.  Especially about health care and safety, security. PNG is not exactly one of the safest countries in the world to travel to but then again it is peoples choice where they want to travel to in the world.  Always take extreme caution and register your passport and details with your country's embassy.  Each country have an embassy website where people  can go and browse through, other wise if you have a PNG High Commission or Embassy in your country, why not go in for a visit and see what you can find out?  Or if there is no PNG Embassy's in your country, the Australian High Commission or Embassy should be able to help you out (may be?)  The type of travel you want to take whether it's a five star or back packer style is really up to the traveller to decide how they want to organise their trip.  Some travel agents may be handy in guiding you, libraries may be handy, internet, or you can speak to people who have lived there or visited there, etc.  However the onus is on the traveller to make sure they are armed with the information and if they can afford a trip any where in the world or even in their own back yard.  You'd be surprised at how many people travel with great ignorance and end up in trouble and try to blame other people for their demise.  This does not work with me as I will be quick to point out specifc blunders you have made along the way once I hear your story.

About the country - you have all these links to choose from

Papua New Guinea Tourism/Official Tourism Organisation

Papua New Guinea - country brief by DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia)

CIA  - The World Fact Book on Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Guide - National Geographic

Charting the Pacific - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea as per Nationsonline

Papua New Guinea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Travel and Tourism Information on PNG

Ecotourim PNG

Papua New Guinea Travel Guide website

Papua New Guinea Map and Information, Map of Papua New Guinea, Facts, Figures and Geography as per World Atlas

Papua New Guinea travel guide - Wikitravel

Papua New Guinea in accordance with World Statemens

Welcome to Papua New Guinea Customs

Hiking In PNG - I have also have POST on the Tracks and Trails of PNG in WWII

About Volunteer Work in PNG

PNG in general - what else do you want to know?  I tell you no lies welcome to the country of my birth and heritage...

Human Rights Watch on Papua New Guinea

Culture of Papua New Guinea

Diving Papua New Guinea, PNG/Underwater Photography Guide

PNG Gossip Newsletter

List of Volcanoes in PNG

Living with volcanoes in Papua New Guinea

Lighthouses of Papua New Guinea

Plants of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Village Life

Welcome to the official website of the Papua New Guinea medical board

The Papua New Guinea Association Of Australia

Papua New Guinea/Oxfam

Medical and Dental for the overseas visitor

Investment and Shopping In Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority

Shopping in Lae, Morobe Province - the place of my birth in PNG

Shopping In Papua New Guinea - Lonely Planet....

Please look at the other link PNG Pages in this Blog

Papua New Guinea current charity organisations in the 21st Century

Tracks and Trails Tourism Operators of PNG

Disclaimer:  I accept no responsibility or liability of any loss to any incorrect or out dated information some of these websites may contain.  The most accurate up to date information at the time known to me is inserted in these pages.  It is the responsibility of the individual to do their own research in their own time.  This is just a guide to assist people in giving them as much information as I possibly can to assist them in preparing for a trip to PNG or wanting to learn about PNG.  My views and opinions and experiences will not exactly reflect other peoples' views and opinions and experiences.

This material is copyright © Wendy J. Seymour 2011 - Exempt the hyperlinks they are from the World Wide Web (WWW)