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I am of Melanesian/Polynesian/Asian descent born in Lae, Papua New Guinea at ANGAU Memorial Hospital.

Monday, June 16, 2014

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Last updated Friday, 11 July 2014

At the moment I am unable to update this Blog as I have been busy with my Volunteer work at the Cairns RSL Sub Branch and on a return to work program.

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Australia - The best Country in the world! owned by Shane Thomas

Cairns RSL Sub Branch

Facebook Wendy J. Seymour RSL and Business related myself linked to my work at the RSL I am trying to get all my family and friends to transfer over to my personal profile from this one.

Wens AussieTravels and General Info owned by Wendy Seymour

Wendy J.Seymour Mobile Babysittingnanny Service info owned by Wendy Seymour

Facebook Wendy Jeanette Seymour only for my Family and Friends to connect with me on there otherwise you can see all my posts to the PUBLIC.  Anything to do with BUSINESS you can join me on the Wendy J. Seymour account.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Business Directory owned by Gail Thomas.

Balas (need to get proper link name) owned by Shane Thomas.


Coffee Makes The World Go Round owned by Wendy Seymour

GOOGLE + and YouTube to be updated

LinkedIn to be updated

TWITTER to be updated

I will not be updating this Blog for some time but I will be editing my previous Posts with updated information.

I also noticed other people from overseas not from Australia or Papua New Guinea have been adding comments and posts that is linked to their business to my Blog.  I advise that you create your own Blogs.  Unless you are an Australian or Papua New Guinean Tour Business you can add your business website links on here.  If you are not an Australian or Papua New Guinea based business I will delete your posts.

Em tasol til the next update.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

There is a delay in updates on this blog

Hi all

Apologise for the delay in the update of this blog as I am recovering from spinal surgery that I had done on Friday, 14 June 2014 (all the details of that is in my other blog on the Days of my Life.)  I am able to sit for prolong hours near a pc or laptop now but unfortunately the times when I did want to update this blog the pcs I was on would not let me access it.

So I went from living in Townsville, North Queensland in August 2012 for 6 months and moved back to Cairns, Far North Queensland in February 2013, to being transferred to Brisbane to the Princess Alexandra Hospital to have my spinal surgery on Sunday, 09 June 2013.  To returning to Cairns by train as I was unable to fly.  All my travelling backwards and forwards and going to Darwin, Northern Territory will be updated eventually on this blog.

In the mean time I will be editing this blog for the time being as it is way overdue and I need to check the link accesses.