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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Travelled to PNG after 14 Years absence can now provide up to date information on travelling over there

Last updated Wednesday, 21 September 2011 - yet to upload photos in here and more information to add.

So now I have first hand experience about the situation over there and about travelling over there.  Which I will give up to date information on in regards to vaccinations and immunisation and how they do things in PNG in regards to these.  I prefer to experience things myself because I am over people carrying on about danger and so forth in PNG, when there are other countries in the world that are more dangerous than PNG.  For example if you read your Travel Insurance properly you will see that most will say they will not cover you if you travel to Afghanistan and such places.  I have inserted a couple of Travel insurance web link just to give you an idea of what I am talking about.  At the end of the day it is peoples choice where they want to travel to in the world, but it pays to do your homework first and not be too ignorant. 9/11 changed the world that we once knew forever in regards to safe travel.  I was actually serving as a full time Army service personnel in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, when 9/11 happened.

Examples of Travel Insurance of what to read on your Travel Insurance clauses properly

This Travel Insurance company will not cover Effective November 22nd, 2010, the ihi BUPA travel insurance will not cover expeditions, mountaineering and trekking in Antarctica, the North Pole and Greenland anymore.

This is another Travel Advice advising people to read the fine print of Travel Insurance to Afghanistan

Here is another example on Travel Insurance not covering riots, war, civil commotions and Coup E'tatd

If people want to travel to Afghanistan or those war zone places, that is their choice.  I am only providing you with examples of what some countries some Travel Insurance companies will not cover you for.  PNG is not one those countries.

Feel free to share your experiences and comments if you wish in regards to Travel Insurance.

Well all the latest information on Kokoda, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea my own experience are in these 3 Blogs:

Saturday, 14 August 2011 the day I flew into Kokoda and within an hour or so I was up near the Memorial
 Visited PNG After 14 Years But Headed To Kokoda, Oro Province

Kokoda Challenge Race 2011 - the ultimate PNG challenge.

Feel free to share your experiences of Kokoda and the Oro Province if you wish.
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  1. Papua New Guinea is just a neighbouring country of Australia and yet few Australians have visited this beautiful country. I, for one, have not been able to visit PNG. But if time permits, I will be visiting it not later than next year.

  2. Hi Adelaide Hills Accommodation, thanks for your comment, I will be actually inserting more information on this Blog in the future in regards to travel to PNG. In regards to my own experience of what I went through.

  3. I understand this issue because I too suffered from great loss after buying insurance policies from traditional insurance agencies. These kinds of companies usually hide their terms and conditions. As I was new in UK that's why I have to face many differences. Now I am going for travel insurance and collecting precautionary instructions through online stuff.