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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dad's Territory of New Guinea coins from 1938 - 1945

    Some shillings from 1936 to 1945 when my part of Papua New Guinea (on the New Guinea side) was then called Territory of New Guinea.

I have since been informed that cleaning any old coins will lose its value.  I cleaned mine that I made up for necklaces.  Any coin experts who wish to comment on their views and opinions and want to share it with public;  are welcome to comment but I do not access my Blogs every day so sometimes it might take a couple of days for me to approve.

In response to one of my Comment below from a Jimmy querying about the above coin I have inserted a couple of weblinks

What the shilling looks like on this side

1938 shilling - Territory of New Guinea coin from Papua New Guinea - Omnicoin

This weblink explains the history of the time also of Papua and New Guinea under the pictures

I had these 3 shilling made up in May some time as necklaces and this is what is looks like when it's clean.

The draw string bag the necklaces were put in once the lady had done them up

What it looks like on the other side

The 3 shillings made for the future mother, father and child

Gift to the future father of my child, sent to him in May 2011 whilst on deployment in Western Europe

 This is from my other Blog


Tells you a bit of the history of war time New Guinea the Huon Peninsular Campaign in North New Guinea, might be able to help you a bit to understand the history side.

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  2. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement, Orlando @ International. You're welcome.

  3. Hello there! I myself own a few coins with a numismatic value. Haven't seen this type of coins, though. Thank you for sharing his content with us. :) Hope to hear more from you in the future.

    call Australia

  4. Hi Jimmy, thanks darl about to log off it was from when my part of New Guinea was called Territory of New Guinea now known as Papua New Guinea. I will be able to insert more comments tomorrow in regards to this and more pics.

  5. Hi Jimmy

    I have inserted a couple of weblinks on my POST in regards to your query of those shillings. It is advisable to speak to a reputable coin dealer because no-one knows their true value. My opinion is that they may be worth more than $20AUD due to it's historical significance.

    After WWII ended in war time Territory Papua and New Guinea, the Australian currency then came into the country. Will be posting a current photo of the 3 coins I had made up as necklaces for viewing soon.

    You can also try and Bing or Google other websites too if you type in the correct name of the Shilling/Coin of the ones above.

    Hope it helps.


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